That is me, old guy with the old bicycle, on the index page. I am retired, originally by a disability; but now, I guess, due to age. Although not in great health, I seem to be surviving OK.

While I lack the energy and money to do many of the things I would like to do, I do keep busy. Instead of having lots of trades, I now have lots of hobbies. I guess my main hobby which drives the others is tinkering. I tinker with bicycles, cameras, computers, electronics, sewing machines, etc. Then when I have them working, I just have to use them, don't I?

I also like to write. I write articles in my blogs. I write posts in a lot of forums. I write abut my hobbies. I write about my life. I write abut my thoughts. Like a lot of writers, I would write if nobody ever read any of it. But, there seems to be a few of you who like to read what I write.

That is the reason for this website. It basically is a portal to the things I have up on the web for your perusal.

A recent addition is my new hobby business: doing business portraits for a very reasonable price. I feel it gives me something to do, while giving something to the community I live in.

I hope you enjoy the results of my efforts,